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NC3 Viewers Reach Out To Family “Robbed” of Christmas

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(Memphis) Santa gets one over on the Grinch.

Last week, a Frayser family had all of their gifts stolen from under the tree.

Today, some News Channel Three viewers made sure there would be plenty of presents to open on Christmas Day.

Shirley Williams with 'Willing Hands and Willing Feet' dropped off bags full of toys, games and pajamas for Bobby and Tezandrick's eight children

Williams saw their story and reached out to others in the community for donations, "I had something like this happen to me. Not on a holiday, but a break-in is a break-in. Just take care of your babies."

Trey Jordan, owner of a Holiday Ham store also dropped off a ham and we gave the Bells $200 in gift cards from a viewer who wanted to remain anonymous.

"I'm just overwhelmed. I'm happy, I'm thankful. I just can't think of any more words to say," said Tezandrick.

The Bells are also thankful their house is more secure.

Yesterday, American Doors in Bartlett donated their time to put a lock on the security door thieves were able to open last week.

"I slept comfortable in my room last night," said Tezandrick.

The Bells say this will be a special Christmas for their kids.

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