Horn Lake Man Makes December 21, 2012 Predictions

(Horn Lake, MS) A Mid-South man thinks everyone should be ready for big changes on earth starting December 21st.

Doctor Jaysen Rand lives in Horn Lake, Mississippi.

He has published a book about his belief that changes in our solar system will cause natural disasters starting on the last day of a Mayan calendar.

"There is also a giant brown dwarf star that has been approaching our solar system now. Our solar system, this planet and everything in control of our solar system is coming up on a phase of the cosmic clock where on or about December 21st, 2012 they'll be this cosmos alignment. And we will be pretty close to passing across the center of the Milky Way galaxy, this the Mayan end of calendar time," explains Rand.

Rand also claims to communicate with extra terrestrials.

He also has two other names.

"Read my book because everything I've said in it I've predicted it right on time. Right on schedule."

NASA has spent time debunking myths that anything will happen on 12/21/12.

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