Nashville Police: 3 killed, 4 wounded in Waffle House shooting

Retired Teacher Robbed and Shot in her Home by Two Teens

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(Memphis) -  A retired school teacher is shot in her own home. The suspects are two boys ages 15 and 17. Police say the boys were looking to steal her purse when the woman was shot.

She said they staked out her friend's home on Lehr street in Whitehaven three days earlier.

"They came to her house on the Saturday and knocked on the door under the pretense of wanting to rake her yard she told them she had a yard service," she said.

"I think they knew a lot of elderly lived around here and they were trying to stake it out and see who they could run in on," Neighbor Marquita Pope said.

Pope was at home, when she said the two boys returned to her neighborhood on Monday.

She watched from her window as the 15-year-old walked up to her neighbor's door. She said the 17-year-old stayed on the curb.

"I saw him ring the doorbell and when she came to the door they only talked for a few seconds. After that I see him grab her and throw her back in the door and the door closed on them," she said.

She said the other teen ran off, and she ran for help.

"We see the guy run out of the house with her purse on his arm in his left hand and we ran in to check on her and that`s when we found out she had been shot," Pope said.

Her injuries are extensive.

"The bullet went through the colon, it went through the liver, major blood vessel, went through the stomach, she has an entry and exit wound in the stomach, went through the diaphragm and it's lodged in the soft tissue in the left breast," Ault said.

As the retired teacher recovers in the hospital, her friends can only ask why?

"There was no reason to shoot her. She couldn't protect herself," Pope said.

"They didn`t need a weapon in order to get her pocket book they could have very easily overtaken her without and violence with the gun," Ault said.

The teens will be back in court January 16th. That's when the judge is expected to decide if they will be tried as adults.