President Mentions Fallen Memphis Officer While Announcing Gun Violence Task Force

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Martoiya Lang

(Washington, D.C.) President Obama has appointed a task force, led by Vice President Joe Biden, to look at ways of reducing gun violence.

The President said after he is given the recommendations, he will push legislation “without delay.”

Biden is well-known as a gun control advocate and helped push through the first ‘assault weapon’ ban.

During his speech, the President mentioned a series of people killed since the mass shooting at a Connecticut school last Friday.

One of those mentioned, though not by name, was MPD officer Martoiya Lang who was shot and killed while serving a warrant.

The president indicated that a ban on assault weapons, which he called “weapons of war,” is something he supports as well as a limit on high-capacity clips and more stringent background checks.

But he cautioned that “no law or set of laws” can prevent all violence.

He noted that a culture that “glorifies guns and violence” must be examined and access to mental health care must increase.

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