One Charge Dropped Against Woman Accused of Stabbing Pregnant Lady in Stomach

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(Memphis) One of the charges has been dropped against a woman accused of stabbing a pregnant woman in the stomach, chest, hand and leg.

Takeisha Taylor only faces one count of Aggravated Assault.

Her victim wants that upgraded to attempted murder.

She is still suffering, more than two weeks after she was stabbed several times by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, “The knife she stabbed me with gave me an infection in my stomach and it spread to my kidneys.

She wishes to remain anonymous, but said she wants an Attempted Murder charge for Taylor who police say stabbed the pregnant woman four times, once in the stomach after a ten minute fist fight.

“They planned everything and she brought a knife knowing what she was going to do,” the victim said. “So I feel like that should be premeditated or something because they planned to do that one.”

For more charges to stick, a judge says the victim must prove she is pregnant.

“I've got my paperwork and everything,” the victim claimed.

As far as an Attempted Murder charge, the Shelby County District Attorney's Office says the fight that night was consensual which is why it’s only Aggravated Assault at this point.

Taylor is out of jail on bond but no one answered when News Channel 3 tried to talk to her Wednesday afternoon.

Taylor goes back to court on January 11th.

The district attorney's office says if the judge has the evidence he needs, he could bind it up to a grand jury for more severe charges