Woman Shot While Driving Past Man With a Gun

(Memphis) Lennisha Johnson rushed outside after someone slammed into the back of her car.  She found the woman slumped over the wheel.

“She raised her head back and blood was dripping”, said Johnson.

“We told her she was hit and she just kept praying, don't let me die don't let me die.”

The woman had been shot.

The bullet went through her back window, through her headrest, and then into the back of her neck.

She was driving by, not talking to anyone and literally got caught in the crossfire.

James Cole drove his family down the same street just after the woman was shot.

He won't be doing it any more.

“It's rough ‘round here. I hardly come down Preston (street)”, said Cole.

There’s no word on how badly the victim was hurt.

Police officers on the scene didn't immediately  have any leads on the gunman’s identity.

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