Mother Accused Of Beating Children With Brick

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(Memphis) It's a child abuse case so brutal, it's even making case workers cry.

A Southeast Memphis woman is behind bars accused of beating her four children over the head with a brick.

The accusations against Alisha Hike are haunting.

"I can't believe she did that," said Neighbor Monica Gladney.

Police say Hike beat her four children, hitting their heads with a wooden stick and a brick. 

When authorities got to her Old Brompton Circle apartment, they say they found some of the children with deep lacerations on their heads.

Police say Hike's boyfriend reported the abuse. 

Abuse so bad, a doctor from Le Bonheur Children's Hospital says a 3-year-old  and 12-year-old-girl needed stitches. 

The older daughter also had possible fractures to her hands. 

The doctor also says all four children had knots and bruises all over their bodies.

 "That's horrible," said Gladney. "Don't no child deserve nothing like that."

Gladney says Hike hasn't allowed her children to play with other kids and recently she says Hike cut off the hair on the heads of all of her daughters as some sort of punishment.

"The cutting off the hair thing, did you wonder what that was about?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Yeah! Cause I said, why would she do that?"

Tennessee's Department of Human Services is also aware of the hair cutting incident, as well as other disturbing abuse accusations.

So disturbing, Hike's bond has been set at $150,000.  

If she's convicted, she's likely never get her children back.

DHS says a total of six children were taken out of Hike's home. 

They have all been placed in foster care. Hike is due back in court on January 3rd