Mid-South Schools Review Security in Wake of Massacre

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(Hernando, MS) It was pretty much business as usual at Mid-South schools in the wake of Friday’s shootings in Connecticut.

What most people aren’t seeing is the conversation about security going on between school leaders.

Joyce Knowles felt a little funny about sending her grandchild off the school this morning after the Friday shootings in Connecticut ”I did.

I really did because of the thing that happened the other day with those 20 children killed."

DeSoto County principals heard an earful about security from newly appointed Emergency Management Director, John Caldwell, ”We already started reminding ‘em since the event and we actually have been updating our safety plan."

Caldwell, a Colonel in the Marine Corps reserves quizzed school leaders Monday on policies and procedures, ”We do what is physically possible to keep ‘em safe and that reassurance is important. The parents need to reassure, the teachers need to reassure students today and they will."

In Shelby County, Superintendent John Aitken sent a recorded phone message to comfort parents.

When we asked for a copy of it, we were told it was a, “Personal message sent to parents and staff and Superintendent Aitken would prefer it stays that way.”

Private schools throughout the area held both formal and informal prayers for those involved in the Connecticut shootings.

”I think we’re more protected than they were, I hope. But I think we probably need a guard in every school” said Knowles.

Districts and governments outside Memphis and Shelby County don’t have enough officers for every school.

School leaders want parents to know they’re more vigilant than ever about security and are doing everything they can to stay ahead of, and prevent another violent incident.