Wharton: Get Guns Out of the Wrong Hands

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(Memphis) Mayor A C Wharton spoke out passionately during Friday morning's press conference about getting guns off the Memphis streets, “Nobody has a second amendment right to load up and kill a police officer."

Getting guns off the streets is Wharton's mission, “This is why we're going all over the country trying to find the best methods we can to get the guns out of the hands of the wrong people.”

But after Officer Martoiya Lang was shot and killed Friday serving a drug warrant, Wharton says more must be done, “We're going to double up our efforts. Director Armstrong says that's what matters and we're not going to give up on that."

Major strides have already been made in Memphis with the help of leaders like Pastor Ralph White.

His church ran a special program this year where people could trade guns in their homes for gas in their cars.

“It was great,” White said. “We took an additional 500 guns off of the street during that time period.”

That's 500 guns White says can't wind up in the hand of a criminal, but he believes regulations coupled with community involvement will also help.

“We need to come together, faith-based, political, businesses so that we can deal with this problem,” White said.

Wharton claims it’s not a war on guns, but on guns in the hands of the wrong people, “The guy that took this officer's life, they don't have any shoot/no shoot rules. I just want men and women to join the police officers and say enough is enough.”

Wharton says he will release a new plan on how to deal with the gun problem here in Memphis on the first of the year.