Six More Memphis City Schools To Be Taken Over Next Year

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(Memphis) School as they know it is about to change at six Memphis schools that are being taken over by the State of Tennessee or Charter School Districts.

The Tennessee Achievement School District announced today that starting next school year it will run Georgian Hills Elementary and Whitney Elementary.

Hanley Elementary will be run by Aspire Charter Schools.

Kindergarten and first grade at Klondike Elementary will be taken over by Gestalt Charter .

KIPP Collegiate Schools will take over  kindergarten and Pre-K at Shannon Elementary and 5th grade at Corry Middle School.

The takeovers come after the six schools consistently performed at the bottom
5% in achievement.

New principals will be brought into the schools and teachers will have  to re-apply for their jobs.

Students will also have longer schools days, on average one-and-a-half or two hours longer.
Frayser Elementary was one of the first schools to go under  state control this past fall.

Every teacher had to re-apply for his or her job.

The learning environment made a complete 360 turn. Class time was extended until 4:30 in the afternoon and there was more focus on community service.

The Achievement School District that runs Frayser Elementary says it's working, students are improving.

Now six more schools are facing a similar future.

"This is about discipline growth and discipline scale and not about a power grab for a bunch of schools, but getting results for kids," says Chris Barbic,

Superintendent of the Achievement School District. 

Many kids have been several grade levels behind in reading and math.

The Achievement School District will partner with charter schools to turn that  around.

Hanley Elementary will be run by the Aspire Charter Schools, which promotes college.
"It's important to see the expectation really early for children so they can prepare to earn a college degree starting in kindergarten," says Allison Leslie of Aspire Schools-Memphis Region.

There will also be volunteer service time that parents must meet.

Mona Allen says she is ready, if it helps her son and other Hanley students.

"I think it will be better, a good opportunity. They can show them things and prepare them for things by them being in elementary for the real world, " says Mona Allen, who has a 4th grade son at Hanley Elementary.
Applications are already being accepted for teaching positions at the six schools taken over by the state and charter districts.