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Town Hall Meetings to be Held For Citizens to Voice Their Concerns

(Memphis) The Memphis Police Department will hold town hall meetings tonight at each of its nine precincts.

You are invited to ask questions and express your concerns about the department.

Memphis Police say some citizens are not happy about the plan to rearrange precinct boundaries because they believe they could lose services.

Others are concerned about the number of police officers involved in alleged crimes.

In the past two weeks,  two Memphis Police officers facing troubles were put back on the job.

One of them is Officer Terrance Shaw. He’s accused of shooting and killing a teenager earlier this year.

The other officer is Darrell Malone. A Collierville driver said Malone threatened him with a gun and over the phone.

Police director Toney Armstrong said he hopes the meetings will bring a sense a clarity.

“Sometimes you’ll catch a snippet of the news and not necessarily get the whole story,” said Armstrong. “A colonel will be on hand to give you the entire story and why we have derived at the decision we’ve made.”

The town hall meetings start at 6 p.m.


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