Police Looking For Attempted Kidnapping Suspect

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(Memphis)  Memphis police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl in broad daylight. 

They say she was walking in the Fox Meadows area headed to Wooddale Middle School when she came face to face with the would-be attacker.  

Police say the girl was walking down Castleman Street when a man in a burgundy car pulled-up, got out and grabbed her.

Police say she was able to break away and run to school.

School officials then called police.

"They've been circling up and down," said Antonio McClelland, who was detailing a car near the school.

But officers weren't able to find the man the girl described. 

She says he's a muscular guy, who was wearing a red jersey, blue and white hat and driving a burgundy car.

Neighbors living right where the attempted abduction happened say they didn't see a thing at 7 a.m.

 "I was out letting the dogs out," said Rodney Ray.  "I didn't hear or see anything. No extra activity, just the normal kids walking through."

Police say the attempted abduction happened right in front of a catwalk, which is known for attracting crime.

That's why Memphis police installed a surveillance camera there. 

But police say they checked the video from all angles and the video did not show the attempted abduction.

Neighbors wonder if it happened at all.

"I don't see how he could have done that because there all a lot of school children walking back and forth," said Angela Ray.

But police are still taking the girl at her word and keeping an eye out for that burgundy car and a possible predator in Hickory Hill.