Man Arrested for Shooting at Car with Two-Year-Old Inside

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(Memphis) A Memphis man is charged with three counts of attempted murder for shooting-up a car with a two-year old inside. 

It happened in North Memphis near James and Rangeline.

The two-year-old wasn't hurt but the child's father was hit twice by flying bullets.

Police say Travis Williams pulled-up next to him and began firing at least six shots at his car. 

The shots could have easily have hit a woman in the car, and the driver's two-year-old child.

Police say Travis Terrell was shot twice in the abdomen but kept driving and was able to get himself to the MED in critical condition.

Based on tips, investigators were able to identify Williams as the shooter, who is actually the uncle of the two-year-old! Police believe the two men were fighting over a car.

Authorities found Williams at his girlfriend`s house on North Watkins Street hiding under a bed.

They say next to him was a sub-machine gun and a silencer.

The gun was loaded with 8 live rounds and one in the chamber.

"It's getting to be where nobody cares about nothing anymore. Nothing," said Reginald Maxwell, who lives in North Memphis.

People say it seems to be getting more dangerous in North Memphis every day.

"It is very scary and I don`t leave the house without praying," said Dee Dee Knowles.  "To be honest, you need angels to make it around here."

Knowles says she is relieved to know that the two-year-old, caught in the middle of this senseless violence, is alright, "I just wish something could be done to protect us innocent people and especially children."

Police say Williams was already wanted on a warrant for two counts of aggravated assault.

Now he is in jail for three counts of attempted murder and being held on a $1,000,000 bond.