Citizens Have Questions About Precinct Redistricting

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(Memphis) At a time when the Memphis Police Department and crime stories are making headlines, police are opening their doors ready to listen to what's on you mind.

In Midtown, John Ruff wants to ask about how police treat citizens

"I would just ask they do right thing and don't have any ulterior motives in charging people," says Ruff.

Expect to hear more about  new consultants, now reviewing  police procedures.

Whitehaven business owner Loretta Venson  wants to know what police can do to keep her business safe, "Feel comfortable coming and going once it gets dark at 5:00 in the evening time. People tend to look out more, just to make them feel comfortable, your presence of circling through parking lot just to keep crime down, especially during holiday season."

Community policing  will place more officers inside  communities.

Vickie Foster says it will make her feel safer, "Being single I am always out shopping always by myself, doing whatever I do, could be target for robbery, rape anything."

But many want to know why police continue to be found on the other side of law.
"So much is going on. You find them with speeding. We speed, we get a ticket and they doing the same thing. Just wondering," says Lula Golden of Midtown.
After Thursday night's meeting , maybe she can go from wondering to hopefully getting some answers.