Achievement School District Will Take Over Six More Schools

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(Memphis) The Achievement School District will announce Friday morning that they will bring another six Memphis City Schools into their district beginning in the summer of 2013.

Some of the schools will be run directly by ASD, while others will be run by charter schools in contract with ASD.

These six schools will join the other six already taken over by ASD last summer.

The specific schools will be announced Friday morning.

ASD originally considered taking over 10 more schools, but upon consideration of many factors including community input, they decided instead on six schools.

ASD is also launching a program to reward good teachers with excellent pay. From their website:

  • A brand new teacher with 5 years of outstanding results could see their base salary jump from $40,000 to $62,500.
  • A great master teacher in the ASD will earn over $90,000, when you include base salary, group performance bonus, and leadership stipends.

Stay tuned to News Channel 3 Daybreak and News Channel 3 at noon for the announcement of the six schools joining ASD.