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Woman Arrested For Stabbing Pregnant Woman Four Times

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(Memphis) Takeisha Taylor is smiling in her mug shot even after police say she stabbed the woman four times outside the victim's home in the Sherwood Forest area.

The victim says she's shocked that police only charged Taylor with two accounts of aggravated assault. 

She says it should be two counts of attempted murder.

"I think that`s what she was trying to do, kill the baby," said the victim, who wants to remain anonymous.

The 19-year-old victim says she is pregnant with Taylor's ex-boyfriend's baby and Taylor was out to take two lives.

"Was she aiming for your stomach?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Yeah. But I was trying to squirm and stuff," she said.

Police say Taylor pulled-up to the victim's home with two other women.

One of them handed her a butcher knife. 

Police say she began stabbing the pregnant woman, sticking her four times in her hand, leg, chest and stomach.

"I thought she was going to kill me," said the victim. "Nobody was out. It was dark."

The victim says Taylor continued to stab her as she lay in the road, but the victim says she was able to somehow flag down a car for help. "They stopped and I said 'Stop! Stop! She stabbed me and I'm pregnant!"

After that she says Taylor and her friends took off.

Police didn't track her down until Tuesday, ten days after the attack.

During that time, the victim says she received threatening phone calls from Taylor, "She said she was going to kill me next time."

Taylor is now locked up but her mug shot says a lot. "It's a joke to her, I know."

The victim hopes prosecutors can wipe the smile off her face.

The victim says she believes that her baby is OK.

She had multiple ultrasounds when she was in the hospital for three days.

She says that she has another doctor's appointment Thursday just to make sure.

Taylor is being held on a $25,000 bond.