Memphis Mall Security Tight for Holiday Shopping

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(Memphis) The Christmas tree in front of Southland Mall means it's the busiest time of the year.

A Memphis Police owned robotic Sky Cop sits in-front of the mall, representing an increase in security to go along with all those shoppers. 

Despite that some people here say they are more than a little concerned after Tuesday's tragic mall shooting in Portland.

“The world is getting so crazy now that you can`t even go Christmas shopping without some clown pulling up a gun and shooting people for whatever reason,” said Howard Bell.

Bell says the mall shooting in Oregon worries him because his wife and children shop alone.

But this Southland Mall shopper says while he can't be sure security seems to be higher today.

“After the tragic events in Oregon I was noticing today southland mall does have adequate security as far as I can see,” said Bell.

Simon Malls manages Wolf Chase Galleria and Oak Court Mall, and say it's not making any changes because security is always its top priority, and extra guards are already hired for the busy holiday season.

There’s no way you can protect yourself from a random or mass shooting, but crimes do rise around shopping centers during the holidays.

As always, police say shop with a friend, be aware of your surroundings, and don't leave anything in plain sight in your car.

Ladies, you may want to keep your purse at home because it can be easily grabbed.