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Man Claiming to Work for MLGW Takes Customer’s Money

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(Memphis) A man who said he works for Memphis, Light Gas and Water took $200 from a woman without reconnecting her power as he promised.

The MLGW customer wished to stay anonymous out of fear of retaliation from the man.

When her lights were cut off for non-payment, she knew she didn’t have the several hundred dollars needed for reconnection.

The man offering to help was an acquaintance of her daughter’s from school and told them he worked for the utility company. Her daughter had seen him outside the MLGW office on Lamar Avenue wearing an MLGW shirt.

“My daughter said ma, I have a friend who works at MLGW who can help get your lights on,” she said.

He later came by the house and collected $200 from her, promising he would help her obtain a voucher through the county’s Community Services Agency to pay the rest of the bill.

She made him sign a receipt for the $200, yet still had a feeling something wasn’t right.

“He came over here, and I told him then. I said, are you sure this is right? He said, yeah, I work there.”

An MLGW spokesperson said employees are not allowed to accept cash in the field. They also so far have not found any employee with his name.

She paid him on Thursday, yet still has no electricity in her house as of Wednesday. MLGW has no record of any payments made on her account.

“It brings tears to my eyes because I should know better, but like I said you know, you're thinking you're going to get your lights on. And that's what I thought, that I was getting my lights on.”