MPD Investigating High School Fight

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(Memphis) Several parents attempted to meet with the principal at Westwood High School today, only to hear the principal was not available.

Memphis City Schools said the fight parents wanted to address something now being handled by Memphis Police.

According to several parents of girls at Westwood High, there have been several altercations over the past month.

A fight after school on Friday down the street from the school was caught on video and posted on YouTube.

“They were walking home last Friday. A truck load of grown ladies jumped on them, students and grown women,” said mother Drusheena Thompson.

Thompson said her twin daughters were the victims in the fight, “Can't anybody tell what's been causing all of this fighting?  We've been constantly having meetings but were not getting down to it."

Parent Robert Glasper also talked to News Channel 3 Tuesday.

He said his two teenaged daughters are participating in the fight on video.

He said one of the girls who is a Westwood High School Junior has been given a 180 suspension, “There weren’t any grown people out there. I'll be the first to admit my child should've kept going but when you have somebody who is steady picking on you."

Glasper and Thompson were among the parents hoping to meet with the principal Tuesday morning.

The parents have met with the principal regarding the ongoing dispute before, as have their students but the parents wants the school to do more.

Dena Owens from Memphis City School did say the investigation is being handled by MPD but she added that all of the people in the video are juveniles, although they are not all Westwood students.

MCS said it’s recommended two of the girls be suspended.

And while MPD looks into the issue parents said something needs to be done to stop the fighting.

“It doesn’t make sense that children go to school and grown people jumping on children,” said Thompson.

“We are going to go to the board and see can we resolve this,” added Glasper.