MPD Director Answers Concerns Regarding Redistricting

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(Memphis) In just a few weeks, the Memphis Police Department will finish redistricting the city's precincts.

Director Toney Armstrong says safety for both the people in Memphis and officers is a driving force to re-district  the police department.

 Starting January 1st, each of the nine precincts around the city will be responsible for six wards.

As it is now, some precincts handle as few as five wards, others handle nine.

"It does not allow our officers to be proactive, we are in a reactive mode at this point. You are not going to get a reduction in crime when you are always in respond mode," said Armstrong.

Some News Channel 3 viewers worry some precincts have more crime and should have more officers.

" You have to understand our precinct commanders have the flexibility to reallocate their officers as they always have," replied Armstrong.

Director Armstrong believes the upcoming change is a better option.

He also says redistricting has happened several times in MPD's history. 

In 20 years, the department went from four precincts to nine precincts.

He understands why some are hesitant about change, "There are some citizens that are concerned will they continue to receive the same services they have become accustomed to."

He stresses the new assignments does not mean protection for Memphians will change.