Child Found Inside Home Police Call A Meth Lab

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(MEMPHIS) Kathy Moore's no cop, but she knew something was wrong with her neighbors two doors down.  Moore got a big clue last week.

“I heard a big explosion and they said it was a barbecue grill, we all went and looked and this window was leaning out and they all jumped in their cars and left”, she said.

    Undercover officers won't say what led them to start investigating but they say they found all they needed to know when they went inside the house.

“There's finished product, as well as a gas generator used to make the drugs”, said an undercover officer.

 News Channel 3 cameras were rolling as officers arrested the people inside. Our photographer saw officers not just removing meth but diapers, and a backpack.  The couple was apparently cooking meth around their kid, who officers found in the home tonight.

    John Moore has lived in the neighborhood for thirty years, and said he’s glad the lab is gone.

No word on what happened to the child but the couple was arrested and brought to jail.