Goose Roams Golf Course With Arrow In Its Chest

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(Southaven, MS) A goose with an arrow stuck in its chest has been roaming a Southaven, Mississippi golf course for months.

People who live near the North Creek Golf Course don't know how the arrow got there, but say the big bird needs help.

"I thought it was amazing to see a duck (goose) with an arrow stuck in him, and he's actually still alive and can move pretty well," said Darius McGhee who lives at the North Creek Apartments overlooking the golf course.

He first saw the goose over the summer and thought it was gone, but Janet Green sent News Channel 3 pictures she took of it Sunday.

We saw two geese at the same exact spot Monday, but couldn't get close enough to see if one of them was the injured bird.

"Somebody is pretty bad off shooting a goose with an arrow," said Jerry Porter.

Jerry Porter, a maintenance worker at the apartment complex, has been trying to catch the goose for about six months, but like us hasn't been able to get close to it.

"We've called animal control. The Game and Fish commission came out a couple of times, but said it was our responsibility to catch it," said Porter.

Porter plans to set a trap and do just that.

He says the bird doesn't appear to be in any pain, but it can't be very comfortable, "It would have to be surgically removed now. It's been there so long."

Those who live on the golf course say the bird's mate hasn't left its side.

A local veterinarian has agreed to treat the goose if they can catch it.

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