Funeral Plans Being Made For Blytheville HS Student Gunned Down

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(Blytheville, AR) The family of a Blytheville High School sophomore shot and killed while on his way home are planning his funeral.

"We were picking out his casket," said Miguel Estrada's aunt, Margarita Rhodes.

She never thought she would have to bury her 18-year-old nephew who had dreams of starting his own construction businesses, " He didn't even get to finish school."

Thursday, on his way home, Estrada was shot in the head, two blocks away from his high school.

"When he'd walk out the door, I'd day, say 'Miguel, stay out of trouble, be good.' He said 'I'm fine mama, I'll see you later', but he never came back," said Miguel's grandmother, Noemi Garza.

Police believe a 16-year-old pulled the trigger and they've charged him with Miguel's murder.

Investigators also questioned a 15-year-old over the weekend, they say the group and Miguel had a bad history.

"I don't understand why kids have guns," said Rhodes.

Rhodes tells News Channel 3, Miguel's suspected killer went to another school, but the 15-year-old was a school mate of her nephew.

She's not sure which kid had the gun during the day.  

With the shooting happening right after class, she's wondering why Blytheville High School isn't using metal detectors they bought a few years ago.

"They don't have them going to school, but they have them at school functions." said Rhodes.

Monday, News Channel 3 tried several times to reach Blytheville schools administration, but our calls were never returned.

The family hopes the schools will start using the metal detectors from now on, believing they will help keep guns out of the hands of teens and keep other children safe.

Funeral Plans have not been finalized.

A public memorial will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at Haley Field.