Escape Inmate Back In Custody

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(Somerville, TN) A Fayette County inmate is back in custody after trying to make a getaway from authorities. 

Clifton Blake King was on a day-pass from the jail when he ran away.

A judge allowed King a 'hardship furlough' where he could leave jail for a day to attend his grandmother's funeral, but authorities say he used that opportunity to bolt.
"He made a quick pass through the yard and out that way," said Bernard Murphy, a Somerville resident. 
Murphy says he saw the inmate make a run for it, "He ran down this road and by the time I got down my neighbors driveway he had disappeared."
Fayette County deputies say King ran from his family's trailer home on Henry Drive yelling that he wasn't going back to jail.  

He spent 20 hours as a fugitive from the law but eventually got caught at a home 14 miles away near Whiteville.
"Our deputies and investigators were working off some information on what he might be driving," said Deputy Ray Garcia.
Murphy, who lives next to the tailor home that King ran away from, says he even saw the inmate in a green van the day of his grandma's funeral.
"He was driving?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"He was driving," said Murphy.

"That same day?" asked Hall.

"That same day," said Murphy.
"Who was supposed to watching over him during that time?" asked Hall.

"During that time they are actually released from jail so they are out on their own recognizance basically," said Garcia.
Garcia says a judge had let King out on a day-pass from jail without supervision! 

He says that's actually standard for non-violent offenders who've had a hardship in the family or a medical situation. 

Garcia says the decision is made at a judge's discretion.

King had been locked-up for violating his probation after serving time for running a meth lab with his father in Somerville. 

Now King will be facing more charges and prison time he can't run from

Fayette County deputies say they are investigating whether somebody was helping him hide or get away from authorities.

If so, they would face charges of harboring a fugitive.