What is Meteorology Really All About?

Originally posted on All Things Geography:

Very good video posted on YouTube last year by Millersville University students discussing common misconceptions involving the general public and meteorology. I watched this around the time it came out and I couldn’t agree more.

1. Professional meteorologists are actually RIGHT (or as we may better define it, have a relatively high degree of precision) when it comes to forecasting most of the time. Big examples would be recent severe weather outbreaks or Hurricane Sandy, but even your run-of-the-mill forecast is pretty on the money most of the time. It’s just that humans being who they are, tend to only pay attention to the missed events and accumulate those in their minds. But meteorology has improved dramatically in the past 50 yrs as seen in reduced death tolls by severe weather events and earlier warnings.

2. Meteorology uses computer models, but in my own experience forecasting and watching the evolution…

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