Wisconsin Judge Orders Man to Stop having Kids

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(Memphis) A Wisconsin judge has ordered a man to stop having kids.

It happened this week to a father named Corey Curtis, who has nine children by six different women and can't keep-up with child support.

Here, a Memphis man with more than two dozen children.

Terry Turnage has at least 26 kids with 16 different women and every time we do a story on him, people want to know why can't the courts prevent him from having any more kids.

Attorney Robert Hutton explains why he believes that's not a good idea, "You start intruding into a fundamental zone of privacy."

Hutton doesn't agree with the judge's order in Wisconsin, "There are a lot of judges around the country at the trial level that have done things that are questionable."

Hutton argues that the order is likely unconstitutional, "The scary issue is when the government starts saying who can have kids, who can`t have kids and why. Because if you say someone can`t have 26 kids, why can`t you say someone can`t have 3 kids on welfare?" s

He says it's a slippery slope and one we should stay away from.

Hutton says the best solution is what we already do, order jail time for those who don't pay their child support.

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