Neighbors In Newly Annexed Area Upset Lack Of Trash Collection

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(Memphis) A wall of about 50 trash bags block David Gilmore`s nativity scene and holiday decorations at his South Cordova home.

"It's real frustrating to know I have a nice looking yard, but the trash isn't being picked up. It's real frustrating," said Gilmore.

Gilmore says it`s been three weeks since the city of Memphis picked up his leaves from yard work.

What`s even more frustrating for Gilmore, he paid a private service for eight years to collect his trash, but dropped them when he was annexed by Memphis and started paying city taxes. 

" I`m not even getting my trash picked up. What am I getting for my taxes, this is one thing I can see I am not getting." said Gilmore.

Gilmore called the city and filled out a couple forms online for help., " I received an email that they got the work order, but never received a response from the city."

We called the city to see what`s taking so long.

The Deputy Director of Public Works said November through February is the busiest time for excess trash collection and its been that way for the last 30 years. 

We're also told, it's impossible for the city to pick up on a weekly basis and this is the first time folks in South Cordova have dealt with it.

Gilmore believes that`s not good enough.

" It concerns me about what kind of response I would have if something were to happen to my two children, how quick is the city going to respond," said Gilmore.

The city stresses workers are working overtime and on weekends to get trash picked up.