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Lying About Rape Harmful To Others

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(Memphis) A University of Memphis student faced a judge today after police say she made up a story about being attacked on campus.

The judge told her to come back in a week. Right now, Anne Campbell remains locked up in jail.

“When I hear that someone has given a false report. I get concerned because I'm hoping that officers don't use that example to be less thorough in the cases they investigate later on,” said Anna Whalley, Rape Crisis Center.

Whalley of the Shelby County Rape Crisis Center was concerned when she heard police arrested 19-year-old Anne Campbell for lying about being sexually assaulted.  Walking from campus two nights ago, she claims a stranger attacked her.

“We want people to report so we can follow-up and we can get these bad folks off the street,” said Whalley.

Whalley says false reporting of rape doesn’t happen often.

She tells us stats show only 2% to 8% of the time someone is not telling the truth. That’s about the same percentage for false reporting of other crimes.

Still, she says when it comes to rape it seems like an even bigger deal, “People for some reason see sexual assault as something that someone might make up and it's very hard to make up. It's very hard to be convincing and why would you want to report it, if it didn't happen."

Police have not said why the suspect lied.