Father and Son Accused of Attempted Arson

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(Memphis) A young man is in jail, accused of trying to light a woman's house on fire in Orange Mound.

Police say he did it because he was told to by his father.

The attempted arson goes way back to 2008.

At the time of the offense, Darian Butler was only 20 years old.

Police say his father ordered him to help him burn down his ex-girlfriends house with her inside.

Since, officials say Andra Butler has spent the past five years on the run but his son is now in jail for the crime.

Back in 2008, Police say Butler's girlfriend broke-up with him and after threatening to kill her, he came back the next day and poured gasoline around her South Memphis house. 

Police say Butler brought his son, Darian, along with him to commit the crime.

Police say the woman was inside of her house when she heard her ex-boyfriend's voice instructing his own son to pour gasoline on the left side of her house.

"It's a sad world," said Memphis Resident Robert Ross.

Thursday, police arrested the son and charged him with two counts of attempted aggravated arson. His father is still not in custody.

"Telling someone to pour gas around somebody's home? You need to take that man to the psych-ward," said Ross.

"I think it's a sick world out there," said Betsey Waugah.

 Waugah is a property manager in Memphis and says domestic violence is far too common here. She says she's seen crimes like this before, "It's extremely scary and the innocent people who live around them. You've got innocent people who live all around them that are having to be victimized by this kind of behavior."

Police say they collected samples of gasoline-soaked-dirt from around the Steve Cove home in 2008.

Friday, News Channel 3 went back there to try to talk to the victim but, understandably, she doesn't live their anymore.

Darian Butler is in jail on a $75,000 bond. 

If you know where Andra Butler is call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.