Tennessee Walking Horse Stolen From Corinth, MS Pasture

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(Alcorn County, MS) There's a horse thief in Corinth, Mississippi.

A few days before Thanksgiving someone broke into a pasture and stole a retired Tennessee Walking Horse named "Hollywood."

Lisa Downs says the horse is one of three the family loves like a pet and they want him back, "It's just the fact that they are ours and they are everything to us. So it's just priceless."

Lisa and Brian Downs are heartbroken and frustrated after someone stole  "Hollywood," a four and a half year old Tennessee Walking Horse, "There's so much difference between them and all other horses, his walk is so graceful."

"Hollywood" was bought in Knoxville to be a trail horse, but he was taken from his Corinth, Mississippi pasture November 15th,

"This is "Chief". And there's no telling what he seen and witnessed that night."
The thieves also took a brown and white quarter horse, but left it behind near the Downs' home.

He was found by some railroad workers who called the Downs.

Brian Downs says his heart sank when he realized what had happened, "And it dawned on me that somebody's been in my barn. So I went down there and looked for my black horse. The black horse was gone and there was saddle missing too."

Thieves dropped a halter and saddle blanket, but did manage to steal a saddle.

Downs says they left behind the more expensive harnesses and leather saddle belonging to "Hollywood."

There has been no sign of "Hollywood" and Cornith Police are baffled.

Detective Captain Ralph Dance says this is a rare case, "I've been here 23-years and this is actually the first horse theft I've ever worked."

He stressed whoever took the horse faces some serious charges, "I'm just guessing it will be just grand larceny because of the value of the horse. If there's a statute out there that covers horse thieving, I'm not aware of it."

The Downs' hope someone will recognize "Hollywood" from the posters they've placed around Corinth and will call police.

Brian Downs is in favor of some old fashioned justice, "I'd like it to be like the good old days where you could string them up in a tree. I know you can't do that, but I just want justice served."

"Hollywood's" owners and Corinth Police are hoping someone might have noticed a horse trailer on the side of Kendrick Road the morning of November 15th.

Call Corinth Police if you have information.