Missouri Town Wants To Kill Pet Pitbulls

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(St. Charles, MO KTVI)– It was pit bull round up day in one small Missouri town.  Some say it’s not protecting the public, but claim it’s robbing responsible owners of their family pets.

It took place in Sikeston, MO.  KTVI’s Chris Hayes found out about the program after learning about a sudden influx of dogs coming to the St. Louis area.

About 20 dogs from Sikeston were shipped up to St. Charles to make room for seized pit bulls in Southern Missouri.

The reported pit bulls may have no reported problems. 

Some may not even be pit bulls, like Yulonda Mitchell’s dogs. 

Mitchell said officers took her brother’s dogs, even though she believed they were bulldogs.

She said her family dogs were, “…licensed and up to date on their shots.  We did everything, you know, complied with the City ordinance but they still wanted to remove the dogs.”

Chris Hayes asked, “This was a family pet?”

Mitchell, “It was a family pet.”

Yet she says no one touches the strays like we saw right after our interview.

Mitchell explained, “I said why don`t you guys get those dogs? (The animal control officers) say, well those dogs are just too smart for us. We can`t catch `em.”

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