Known Investment Banker Arrested for Meth

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(Memphis) A man and his alleged drug dealer were arrested Monday, after detectives traced a package to one of their homes.

During a routine scan of packages arriving at a Shelby County shipping facility, one of the sheriff’s drug-detecting dogs smelled something in one package.

It was addressed to Anthony Cacaro, at Belleair Drive in Midtown Memphis.

A man with the same name is listed on Facebook and LinkedIn as a senior vice president at Duncan Williams, an investment firm in Memphis.

News Channel 3 requested confirmation from the firm but did not hear back before Thursday night's newscast.

Shelby County deputies state in an affidavit that they obtained a warrant to inspect the package.

After finding more than 28 grams of meth, they closed the package again and arranged to have it delivered.

Detectives watched as the package was delivered to Cacaro’s house.

They then report that a man named Joseph Emison pulled up and retrieved the package from the front porch.

The affidavit states that when Emison saw detectives, he “had the parcel in his hand, began running towards the residence.”

Authorities arrested Emison, and later “found the package discarded on the ground near the driveway.”

After getting no answer as they knocked on the door, detectives forced their way into the home. Cacaro was arrested, and they searched the house.

Including the package, authorities found a total of about 31 grams of meth, almost 12 grams of marijuana, glass pipes, bongs, a marijuana grinder and a digital scale.

Cacaro apparently admitted to owning all except the contents of the package.

Detectives said the items suggested “a long history of methamphetamine distribution and use associated with the residence.”

Cacaro told investigators that Emison was his dealer.

Emison was arrested in late November on meth charges, but was released on the condition that he become a confidential informant.

It turns out he never offered authorities information, yet deputies said that he shipped drugs to Memphis more than once since his release.