Accused MPD Officer Back On Duty

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(Memphis) A police officer accused of threatening several people is back working on the streets but Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong told us he wasn’t told. 

Two days ago, Armstrong told News Channel 3 Officer Darrell Malone was still on paid-leave.

Turns out, he was on the street for more than a week.

Nobody with the Department could talk on camera today to explain this, but plenty of other people are talking, including the man who first reported Malone to us.

"A corrupt officer, who clearly violated police policy, is back on duty," said Michael Montgomery.

MPD says Malone has been back to work since November 27.

Montgomery said he wanted to be kept informed by police about the man he says threatened him.

He said officer Darrell Malone flashed a gun at him on Germantown Parkway  October 26th,  then called him later on his cell phone to threaten him some more.

Officer Malone got his cell phone number from a 911 dispatcher, identified as Jenny Rice

Very publicly, police announced both were on paid leave but the department didn’t say a word when Rice and Malone returned to work.

“I think it was a great disservice to the city,” said Montgomery.

Five people have filed complaints against the officer since March.

Bakeisha Barnes says Malone roughed her up when she was four months pregnant with her son.

Leo Veasley told us Malone pulled him over and threatened to hit him in the face with a Baton.

"Our justice system is kind of messed up when it comes the police man," said Barnes.  "They get away with a lot of stuff that no one normal could get away with."

While the public thought officer Malone was on leave, Keyna Carr says he pulled her over November 29th.

At that point, MPD admits, Malone had been back on the street for two days.

“Were you shocked to see his face?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“ Yeah.   Because I had just seen it on the news that he was supposed to be on leave,” said Carr.

Memphis Police Association President Michael Williams says Malone could still face further discipline from the Department but since Internal Affairs found Malone did not commit a crime, he could go back to work.

“One of the first things people say is 'why is he on paid-leave' well, he`s been found to not have committed a crime so therefore he can go back to work and earn that money, as opposed to sitting somewhere still waiting for the hearing,” said Williams.

Malone is still waiting for his disciplinary hearing.  

MPD says a date for that hasn't been set yet.