Two Fires Destroy Horn Lake Home

(Horn Lake, MS) Sonya Jackson has had a hard time lately, Wednesday morning it got harder after fire swept through her house, "I filed bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago to save my house and now I’ve got nothing to save."

She says it started Tuesday night when she threw a hot wax ear treatment in the trash, ”An hour and a half later, I wake up smelling smoke, the alarm was going off. I tried to put it out”.

She couldn’t, but the Horn Lake Fire Department did. 

Jackson’s kitchen had minimal damage, "I thought it was something that could be fixed in one day."

Firefighters cut off the electricity and gas so she went to a hotel.

The family felt they’d dodged a major bullet after the first fire, but about an hour and a half later, neighbors tracked them down with the bad news a new fire had completely consumed the house.

Jackson had returned to the house to get a phone charger and noticed nothing suspicious.

Fire investigators are looking at all the possibilities.

"Just trying to determine what caused the second fire, if it was a re-kindle or if it was somebody came through and put something on it or just got it started back," said Horn Lake Fire Chief David Linville.

At first glance, the Chief says everything looks normal, ”We don’t have anything to lead to suspicion at this point, only thing we have on this is we’re trying to cover all the bases and make sure thoroughly what did start."

The loss of her home has devastated Jackson, who choked back tears.

She says she’ll take everything one step at a time for now, ”I just want my home back."

Meantime, friends and family are working together to get Jackson what she needs.

If you'd like to help contact or

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