Oklahoma Wind Could Power West Tennessee

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(Millington, TN) Millions of homes in Tennessee could be powered by wind from Oklahoma.

Clean Line Energy Partners is in talks with the Tennessee Valley Authority to plug West Tennessee up to the green alternative.

The power lines could be fed into an MLG&W substation north of Millington.

More power would be sent through those lines than is produced at three nuclear power plants, and three times the amount produced at Hoover Dam every year.

Clean Line says it will take around two billion dollars to run the lines from the Oklahoma panhandle, but the electrifying investment would be worth it because unlike oil and other fossil fuels wind is unlimited.

“It's something that's fixed in price so you don't have any risk in the future of that going up. So when utilities like the Tennessee Valley Authority look at how to manage their portfolio and the risks over time, you know this is one option that makes sense,” said Clean Line Vice President of Development Mario Hurtado.

Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland says the project could also bring hundreds of jobs to his district.

“They'll have to have a site to turn that direct current into alternating current to feed it to the grid. So we're talking two or three hundred jobs,” said Roland.

The project isn't certain, and is still in the planning phases.

Clean Line says if the TVA gives them the green light the project could be finished by 2017.