Photo of Teen Holding Dead Dog Sparks Concern

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(SOUTHAVEN, MS) Police and animal advocates are looking closely at a photograph posted on Facebook today. 

It shows a teenager holding up a dog by his hind legs, the dog appears to be bleeding and has been shot.

The teenager holding the animal is also extending his middle finger. 

“Up on my land in Tennessee we have an infestation of vermin, a bunch of feral dogs I was getting attacked. They were charging me, and I killed them"

He says he was dragging the animal off his land when a friend snapped the photo and that’s why he put up the middle finger.

He said, it wasn’t him being silly about the dog’s death.

Alexis Amarose of the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County says this kind of action from someone not even of age is what's most alarming. 

“We need to, in a situation like this, as a community say this is something we're not going to tolerate” , said Amorose.  “We're going to take a stand”

Police say they are looking into the case, but have not filed any charges.