Memphis Council Members Discuss Employee Discipline

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(Memphis) Memphis City Councilman Kemp Conrad wants to change the way  discipline for City of Memphis employees is handled.

Conrad said there is not one system tracking employee discipline.

Each department seems to track discipline separately.

“You can’t control what you can’t measure. Not only to focus on discipline but to make sure we are rewarding our best employees,” said Conrad.

Conrad also wants discipline to be handled one way across the board for city employees.

Conrad claims there are several different ways disciplinary records are handled based on what unions have negotiated.

“We have probably 15 plus memos of understanding with the various unions, of various policies. I think we need to go to one standard employee conduct policy with some basic work rules based on what different people do,” said Conrad.

The City of Memphis Disciplinary Policy was discussed in a Tuesday morning committee meeting.

However, the Memphis Police Association and the Memphis Firefighters Association want council members to hold off of discussions of the Disciplinary Policy until after the unions negotiate next year.

“If they are already negotiating these things we talk about in negotiations, they are going to be biased when we get back to them,” said Memphis Police Association President Mike Williams.

The city is working to put discipline records in one system.