Man Wants Answers in Officer Malone Investigation

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(Memphis) An update on the man who says he was victimized by a Memphis police officer.

Michael Montgomery says he is still waiting for answers more than a month after he says he was threatened by the officer.

Officer Darrell Malone is accused of threatening Montgomery while he was off-duty and using the 911 call center to get Montgomery's cell phone number and threaten him some more.

Montgomery says Internal Affairs told him it would let know the results of its investigation within 30 days.

Well, those thirty days are up and Montgomery says he still doesn't know if Officer Malone will face any consequences.

"I don't know that because I have no knowledge from the police department about what actions they are taking against the person who threatened my life, who got my information from 911, someone I contacted to feel safe," said Montgomery.

Montgomery believes officer Darrell Malone should be fired and not only that, be in jail.

Instead, Malone has yet to have an MPD disciplinary hearing and according to the police chief will likely not face any criminal charges.

"This guy wasn`t arrested," said Montgomery. "If I was to brandish a handgun and say I was a police officer, I would be arrested. I would go to jail."

Montgomery says Malone, while off-duty, flashed a gun at him on Germantown Pkway in October and then called Montgomery's cell phone to threaten him.

Malone is accused of getting Montgomery's phone number from 911 dispatcher Jenny Rice, after Montgomery called 911 for help.

Rice is also being investigated.

But MPD says its internal affairs investigation of Malone is complete, yet Montgomery says he hasn't been informed the results.

"Does he have a job? Is he still employed? Is he still getting paid?" asked Montgomery.

Officer Malone is still on paid-leave and Police Chief Toney Armstrong says Malone's disciplinary hearing has not been set yet.

He says internal affairs finished its investigation last week and now a deputy director will decide who will conduct his disciplinary hearing.

In the end, officer Malone could get fired or get as a little as an oral reprimand. It's a consequence that doesn't sit well with Montgomery.

"He might have a job after this, after he carried a gun and called my cell phone," said Montgomery. "A complete misuse of power."

Toney Armstrong says Montgomery should expect a phone call Tuesday night from Internal Affairs letting him know the administrative charges Malone is facing.

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