Women: Beware of East Memphis Creeper

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(Memphis) Police are warning women who live alone in one part of town to lock their doors at night because a man is sneaking into apartments in the area.

Police say the same man has targeted two women in the Kirby parkway area in the last few months.

"It just seems like a real psychopath to me," said Jeremy Smith, a resident at the Arbors.

People who live in the Arbors apartments at Hickory Ridge find the crimes disturbing.

"Aint nothing to gain," said Smith. "It`s almost like a self-gain."

"Yeah, that`s kind of scary over here," said Edythe Brown.

Police say the same man has entered the apartments of two womenin the Kirby Parkway area since June.

They say he snuck in about five in the morning while the women slept, wearing a bandana over his face and holding a handgun.

In both cases, police say he stole only a cell phone and woke the women up by rummaging through their stuff.

Both women described the same man, who escaped out their back doors.

Brown believes she came face-to-face with the man too.

She comes home from work at 5 a.m. and last month she says a man was waiting for her in her parking space.

"And as I pulled in here he was standing right there and he jacked with my door and I zoomed back out,' said Brown. "I don't know what he was trying to do."

Edith says she doesn't want to find out either.

That's why her son is now meeting her outside when she comes home in the morning.

Police are also staking out the Hickory Ridge complex in light of the most recent burglary on November 23.

Still, Brown says she doesn't feel as safe there as she once did, "I felt really, safe and secure but I don`t feel that way anymore."

Police are advising women who live alone to lock their doors and windows and be aware of their surrounding when walking to and from their cars.

Also, report anyone who looks suspicious.