Whitehaven High School Wins Big

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(Memphis) There is plenty of excitement at Whitehaven High School just two days after the football team won the Division 1 state championship.

The team beat Maryville High School by one point in overtime Saturday.

"Coming in riding in with the Mayor into the city with the motorcade leading us down the expressway and then all of the sea of people," remembered Coach Rodney Saulsberry about Sunday night.

Saulsberry is a Whitehaven graduate himself.

He hopes the players never forget what their hard work has earned them.

"Don't get frustrated when thing go against you. Make obstacles stepping-stones. We had a lot of things we could throw at them and keep them focused on the task at hand," said Saulsberry.

He will tell you the next goal is for his students to perform well in the classroom and earn scholarships to college.

"We are using football as a means to an end, allowing these young men who may not have an opportunity otherwise to further their education using the game of football. So the gold ball is just a culmination of a lot of hard work," said Saulsberry.

There is a lot to celebrate at Whitehaven.

The band just won the National Stepping Competition. In the front hall of the school there is the 30 plus club for students who have earned higher than a 30 on their ACT.

There is also the Fortune 500 club for students who have earned more than $100,000 in scholarships.

Principal Doctor Vincent Hunter said he teaches his students about making good decisions and that it's up to them whether the consequence is good or bad.

"We want mediocrity to be our enemy," said Hunter.

Councilman Harold Collins is working with the school to coordinate a celebration parade that will be after the beginning of the year.