Fullilove Won’t Get To Spend Holidays With Husband

(Memphis) It's been months now since Janis Fullilove and her husband were locked up for domestic violence.

The two have reportedly reconciled, but it will at least two more months before they will be reunited.

Today, Fullilove met with prosecutors to find out what she needs to do to get the charges dropped and was told she would have to undergo anger management.

"Hopefully at the end of that we'll get the case dismissed," said her attorney Arthur Horne.

Police say Fullilove and her husband Vernon Chalmers got into a physical fight after Fullilove accused Chalmers of cheating.

City council members we talked to didn't want to comment about the case or its impact on the city, but constituents had plenty to say.

"I mean, she's human. She's human. No, it doesn't have anything to do with her job." said one woman.

Still, some supporters say human or not, as a city leader, Fullilove needs to think about her actions and say anger management is probably a good idea.

"Do what she has to do for the city. Anger management would be a good thing for her," said Sharika Carpenter.

Fullilove will be back in court on February 3.

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