Civil Rights Attorney Once Represented Shadowy Figure in King Assassination

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(University, MS) Attorney Lewis Garrison was there alongside Jamal Woods and his mother as they Met with Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones about a series of incidents on campus possibly aimed at the Olive Branch freshman.

He stood by the family at the request of the Memphis Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, ”SCLC, I’ve represented them for years, their legal representative and they came to them and asked for help and they contacted me."

And like a lot of attorneys, Garrison has had clients from all walks of life.

When it comes to civil rights matters, attorney Garrison has a fascinating past.

For years he represented a Memphis man, Loyd Jowers, who claimed to have arranged the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

Jowers and Garrison had a long history, ”Mr. Jowers and I had some legal matters back when he owned a cab company and we has some litigation we tried back in the late 70’s and 80’s. He later came to me to represent him”.

As Confessed killer James Earl Ray pled for a trial in the murder, Jowers, who once ran Jim’s Grill in the same building where Kings fatal shot came from, came forward in a network TV interview.

Garrison was by his side when the King family sued Jowers for wrongful death in 1999. A jury found him guilty, along with un-named “governmental agencies”.

But years later, it’s a different kind of civil rights work that Garrison is known for.

He says special expertise has helped in the Ole Miss case "Of course I graduated from the University of Mississippi and it helped that I did know some people down there”.

Ole Miss has promised an investigation. Alumni will pay Woods for damage to his property.

And Garrison says the King assassination still has many loose ends to this day