Double Shooting Outside Popular Restaurant

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(Memphis) Locals and tourists are shaken-up after a double shooting in front of one of Memphis' most popular restaurants. Right now, police are still looking for the person who shot a man and woman outside Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken in Whitehaven.

Anne Bourg says her thirst for sweet tea may have saved three lives, "We would have been in the parking lot."

While Anne went back for a re-fill, danger was brewing outside, "I was picking up the trash and ready to head out the door when I heard 'pop,pop,pop'!"

Police say a man shot two people in a car that had been parked outside the restaurant. A bullet hit the driver in the neck, sending the car out of control. It went straight into a pole on Mill Branch Road. Police say his passenger, a woman, was shot in the foot.

"The door opened and this young woman fell out and she was clutching her leg and screaming," said Bourg.

Police say the woman is going to be OK but rescue workers rushed the man to the MED in extremely critical condition.

"I stayed inside and put my kids behind me," said Bourg.

The violence went on in front of the restaurant filled with people and tourists, many who've heard about Uncle Lou's from the Food Network.

"We are from out of town so that is why we made sure we got here," said Dean Martin, visiting from Lexington, KY.

"The staff came and made sure everybody stayed inside," said Bourg. "They apologized and they seemed really embarrassed about it and were concerned for everybody inside."

Still, customers on the outside crossed crime scene tape to come in.

"That's how good Uncle Lou's is," said Martin.

And even Anne says that she'll be back.

"They run a great business and every time I go in there I enjoy going in there," she said.

But next time she may be getting fried chicken to-go, "I don't think I would bring my kids there again."