Accused Waffle House shooter in Nashville Police custody

Teen Arrested for Raping Student at School

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(MEMPHIS) Somewhere behind the brick walls on the campus of Craigmont Senior High is where the attack supposedly took place.  

Police say 18-year old Antonio Gillis held a 15-year-old boy against a wall, and forced the boy to have oral sex.

It’s all outlined in a police affidavit, which also says the rape happened while a third student was watching.

Parents were learning of the arrest as school let out Friday night. Most felt strongly this can't happen on campus but most said there's security everywhere and they didn't know what school leaders could do to stop it.

The young man and his mother first alerted police in September. Officers looked into the case for almost three months finally arresting Gillis Friday.

Officers say the investigation had no set deadline, and they worked until they could ensure the best possible outcome.