Mayor Greg Davis’ Breakfast With Santa Raises Concern

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(Southaven, MS) - The finishing touches are being put on Southaven's "Breakfast with Santa", a kid friendly annual event  hosted by Southaven Mayor Greg Davis.

But one viewer says "I think not".

She emailed News Channel 3 saying "given the circumstances of his current situation, morally and ethically speaking, I personally do not appreciate the city of Southaven supporting or condoning this event."

We asked Mayor Greg Davis for an interview about "Breakfast with Santa".

He agreed if that was the only thing to be discussed. We told him absolutely.

"When we first started it, me and my secretary and my neighbor actually cooked the bacon and eggs for the children because it was less than 200 people," said Davis.

We then read him the viewer's concerns.

" Great for her. I don't think anything is wrong with the children. Everybody is entitled to come. If she wants to come she can be there. If she doesn't there will be 1,500 people that are there," said Davis.

We told the Mayor what concerns the mother is having the event with all the recent controversy.

"April you know I can't talk about it. You flat out lied to me in your email that you weren't gonna talk about anything. So we are done.I appreciate it," said Davis.

He said we went off subject.

"The city is still operating regardless of what else is going on. Thank you for the interview," said Davis.

He said a worker recorded everything and we can expect to see it on Facebook.

"Send it to me so I can post it on Facebook," Davis told a worker who was recording the interview.

While he's posting on Facebook, people of Southaven have their opinions if the Greg Davis hosted event should go on.

"He's got his own problems, but I don't think we should hold the children back," said one Southaven resident.

"His family problems and such a family friendly event, it's a little contradictory," said another resident.

"Personal choice. Do what you feel is best for you and your family," said another resident.

The "Breakfast With Santa" is scheduled for 8:00 a.m., December 1, 2012 at the Arena at Southaven.