State Lawmakers Could Consider ‘Other Avenues’ for Suburban Schools

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(Memphis) Suburban schools will not open in 2013, but state law makers could pass a bill this session to create new possible avenues for suburban schools.

Jim Kyle is the senate minority leader and agrees with the judge who stuck down the law allowing the suburbs to create schools, because it only impacted Shelby County.

He also hopes his fellow lawmakers don`t try a similar bill again this session.

“It would not surprise me that if we cannot set a course of action that suits a majority of the citizens in Memphis and Shelby County that there will be pressure put on legislators to try to bring bills that address the court`s ruling,” said Kyle.

Kyle says the ruling basically gives lawmakers a do over. 

He says the legislature is likely to take up a bill that would give the state the power to approve any charter schools the suburbs may want to start. 

There is a lot of interest in this now because of the ruling, but Senator Kyle says the bill was already on the table because of a charter school controversy in Davidson County. 

I also spoke Republican Representative Steve McManus and he says he doesn`t know what to make of the ruling or how the legislature will move forward.

  Monday, the Shelby County delegation is set to meet with the city and county mayor and representatives from the county commission and suburbs to talk about how to move forward.