Some say MPD giving Special Treatment to Big Business

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(Memphis) A big business on the city's South side has been hit by burglars three times in the last week.

Now Memphis police are doing extra patrols around the company, Barnhart Cranes and Rigging, and some say it is special treatment.

Thefts are a problem in South Memphis. Ask David Dixon who doesn't even keep tires stocked at his tire shop anymore.

"We can`t leave anything outside," he said.

Dixon says he's asked police to keep an eye on his lot at night and to look out for any suspicious cars, "We have said many times if anyone is on our parking lot at least stop to talk to them."

But he says Airways officers haven't gone that extra mile to help him out. But across the street, some say, MPD is working around the clock to help a big business. Since Sunday, Barnhart Crane and Rigging has gotten hit by burglars three times. Company workers say the thieves stole 14 laptops and since then, police have assigned two extra patrol cars to drive around the facility.

"Did they set up extra patrols for your business?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall of the tire shop owner.

"No," said Dixon.

Officers say they are being told to check-in with the security guards at the company regularly and stay around the area to look out for those burglars.

But MPD says Barnhart is not getting special treatment. MPD sent a statement saying that "at any time a business or resident feels the need to have additional patrols in their area, they can contact their precinct."

Dixon says, for him, it hasn't been that easy.

"If a car or truck is sitting here on our lot, [police] are not going to look and check it out and see what`s going on," said Dixon.

"Even though you`ve asked them to?" asked Hall.

"Sure," said Dixon.