Mega Millions Winner’s Advice For Powerball Players

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(Memphis) There is Powerball fever across the country as the jackpot for tonight's drawing grows to more than $550 Million dollars.

One Mid-South woman knows what it feels like to take home a big prize in the lottery.

Back in April, Lillian Williams used numbers from a fortune cookie to buy a Mega Millions ticket on Friday the 13th.

It turned out to be her lucky day.

She had five of the right numbers and won $250,000.

Lillian still lives in the same house and still works full-time, but she was able to pay off her bills, buy new vehicles for herself and her fiance, take a dream vacation to Mexico and set aside money for the future.

"It's good to be able to relax, you know. It's not a lot of money, but it is enough money to get ready to retire. So, you know, I can look forward to it. I got a little extra," said Williams.

This week, Williams bought a Powerball ticket using her same lucky numbers, and is hoping lightning strikes twice.

Her best advice to anyone playing Powerball is to sign your ticket right away, put it in a safe place, and if you win know when to stop spending.

Williams also says she's proof it only takes one ticket to win.

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