Grieving Mother Wants Answers To Police Shooting

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(Memphis) A grieving mother wants to know why the investigation into her son’s death is taking so long.

Justin Thompson would have celebrated his 16th birthday yesterday, but a Memphis police officer said he shot and killed the teen after the boy tried to rob him.

His mother, Shirley Thompson, says she never believed that and is now asking when she will get answers, “They planned to go to the mall get an outfit and they were going to go to the movies."

“Bringing him balloons and bears because that's something he would have wanted for his birthday,” said Thompson.

She planned to celebrate at the spot where Justin took his last breath after being shot but off duty Memphis police officer, Terrance Shaw.

However, just as the bullet took her son’s life, cancer took her energy.

Justin used to comfort her when she didn’t feel well, “He would pat me on my back and say momma it's going to be okay."

Now, she’s fighting cancer and fighting to preserve her deceased son’s reputation.

Facebook pictures show the teen holding wads of money, throwing gang signs and bragging about selling dope.

The officer says the teen was trying to rob him.

Mayor Wharton promised a TBI investigation, but two months later she is still waiting for answers. 

“I think something is being hid on my son's case and they are just not ready to put it out because I know my son didn't rob anybody,” said Thompson.

This year more, than 20 MPD officers have been arrested or investigated for breaking the law.

The Mayor and director of police promise there will be changes.

We asked this mother about that,  “Why not get to the bottom of this first. He's talking about what he's going to do to the other cops. I want an answer. I'm asking for answers from my son."