Attorney Says Hiding Assets Not Uncommon In Divorce

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(Memphis, TN) Violating a gag order could land Southaven Mayor Greg Davis back in court.  

He asked for the order to keep his ex-wife and her attorney from talking about the Davis' divorce to the media.

But attorneys say Davis turned the tables when he did some talking of his own. 

In a Contempt of Court Order filed by Suzann Davis' attorney, Greg Davis' ex-wife says Davis' interview with two television stations violated the gag order, particularly  his comments on the home he got in the divorce.

All of this comes as questions still remain about Greg Davis' finances and what he's accused of hiding from his wife.

Greg Davis' divorce from Suzann Davis has been anything but agreeable.

The two are battling over money, with Suzann claiming her ex has more than he let's on.

"It's not unusual for someone to claim they make less money in order to pay less alimony or child support," said Memphis Divorce Attorney Miles Mason. He has written a book on how to catch spouses manipulating their income.

He told us attorneys have to dig deep to find hidden assets, even looking at loan applications.

"Most people want to borrow money and when they want to borrow money they want to claim as much income as they can to be credit worthy. So they have an incentive to include all of their income on a financial statement," says Mason.

Suzann Davis has subpoenaed records from 14 different banks to trace loans, accounts, and any other money sources for the Mayor.

She has affidavits from other city leaders who say Greg Davis admitted to changing his salary on paper.

"If a fraud is sophisticated in nature, it can be difficult. We may have to dig deeper and deeper,' says Forensic Accountant Robert Vance.

He finds hidden assets and testifies in court about real income.

He says  it's not just what appears on paper, income can be  bonuses, even use of a car.

Tax returns tell plenty.

"If they have a certain level of dividend that alerts me that they have a certain level of assets producing that revenue such as stock, mutual fund or if it's interest it can be a C-D." says Vance.

 We may soon hear from Suzann Davis about all these money matters.

In the Contempt of Court against the Mayor for violating the gag order, she is also asking to now have the order dissolved so everyone can respond to these private matters, that are now very public.